Comelec = Bigotry

When your country’s polling body is run by bigots such as Abalos, expect the elections to be run like hell.

Case in point, the rejection of Ang Ladlad party list accreditation and the and the consequent declaration of senate hopeful Danton Remoto as a nuisance candidate.

The Comelec allows the candidacy of Pepito Cayetano (who on earth is he anyway?) while Professor Danton Remoto of Ateneo is declared as a nuisance candidate?

Ang Ladlad is not accredited while the likes of True Marcos Loyalists are allowed to run? Tell me, how many Marcos loyalists are left and how many LGBTs are there all over the Philippines?

This statement of Abalos takes the cake:

“Kung nais nila na seryosohin ng Comelec ang aplikasyon nila ay dapat na gawin lamang ng mga ito na lumutang at aminin sa publiko na ang mga ito ay bakla, tomboy at lasenggo,” Abalos said.

Mr. Abalos, kung nais nyong seryosohin ang Comelec i disqualify ninyo ang mga obvious na dapat i-desqualify at panagutan ninyo ang nangyaring dayaan sa nakaraang halalan. The nerve! And you ask why I am not voting? Because the only people I’m supposed to vote for are disqualified, and this poll body is run by wackos, that’s why.

Okay, okay, breathe in… breathe out…

If you want to support Ang Ladlad, fax a note to the Comelec at 525-9301. Write or, or to Commissioners Tuason, Sarmiento, and Ferrer at this address: 8/F Palacio del Gobernador, Commission on Elections, Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, Manila 1002

Leave a comment online in the Comelec’s blogs: “inside the Comelec” (http://comelec., “james jimenez” (http:// htt://, and “Overseas Absentee Internet Voting” ( )

If you believe Ang Ladlad should be accredited as a party list, you have this week to express support and add your voice to those questioning the decision of the Comelec Second Division.


6 thoughts on “Comelec = Bigotry

  1. gma and all the queen’s men are nothing if not “kapal”. but i’ll give you a reason to vote: not voting plays directly into their hands. i know it’s sickening that, by voting, we’re merely playing “not to lose” rather than “for the win”, but as it stands, it’s still a step towards teh right direction. if the polls are unfavorable to gma, then maybe things will change. but it’s important never to give up the single most powerful weapon you as a citizen can wield.

  2. It certainly is quite suspect that other parties with significantly less machinery are allowed to run. Even from a logical, common-sense perspective, the Comelec’s decision is unusual and largely unjustifiable. I share your indignance, Jher, albeit not from a bigot-tag perspective, but that of a simple political observer who thinks the decision to disqualify Danton seems illogical given the likes of other candidates whose candidacies were approved.

  3. hi, danton remoto here, thanks for your kind words. the fight goes on. if not in senate, bec i might be disqualified again after my appeal, then the third district of quezon city. do i smell a landslide win for us there bec of all the good publicity caused by IQ-challenged comelec?



  4. Politics has been a business here in the Philippines. No choice but to practice and use your vote otherwise somebody might use it at mapunta sa maling kamay. Kailangan kaya mababago ang ganitong sistema…hay…

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