Why was I not nominated?

Hmph. So I realized too late that there’s this blog awards somewhere that I didn’t know of. So sue me if I didn’t know about your high and mighty awards.

So you see the theme of this entry? Pagmamaasim. Kapaitan. Sourgraping. LOL.

But anyway, I’ve had the following realizations why my blog was not nominated:

  • My blog is not popular (Go figure).
  • I’m not popular (blech).
  • I don’t take too many pics of what I eat.
  • I don’t take too many pics of where I go.
  • I don’t talk about technology (well technology that’s useful anyway)
  • I don’t talk too much about movies because my basic tenet in movie watching is, if I didn’t get sleepy, then it’s okay.
  • My idea of a MEME is “sleeping”.
  • I do not rant as much. Well I do rant but not enough. LOL.
  • I don’t cook and I don’t post pics of the galunggong I tried to fry last week.
  • I don’t do the deep-thinking, soul-searching thing.
  • I don’t do poems.
  • I don’t do too many political comments (well, sensible political comments anyway).

And my final reason why I was not nominated in that blog awards?


Now that’s sourgraping. Hahahahahahah!


Congrats to Ganns, Dylan, Jove and the others who were nominated. (Golf claps) 😛


9 thoughts on “Why was I not nominated?

  1. Dude, I have as much chance of winning a Philippine Blog Award as I do of losing 80 lbs. in a year! 😀

    I also don’t do much of what you mentioned either. Why was I nominated? Beats me. But look on the bright side… you have someone who loves you bigtime and longtime. 😉 A lot of bloggers don’t, which gives them a loooooot of time to blog. Hahahaha.

  2. Jher, nominated or not, yours is one of my favorite blogs to read.. not that I’m putting down those who have been nominated, but I have a very select reading list, and you’re one of those on that list.. I hope that counts. =)

  3. Dinna – you are too sweet. Kaya love kita eh. And your blog is always on my priority reading list. Mutual admiration society na ito. Hehehehehe

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