Ser, ser, I have a kwistyon!

Ngayon po na iniimbestigahan ng US senate ang extrajudicial killings ng mga militante sa bansa, magkakampi na po ba ang US at mga militante laban sa gobyerno ng Pinas? Pano po yon? So hindi na po pwedeng tawaging imperyalista ang mga Kano ng mga rallyistang makakaliwa kasi friendship na sila?

Nagtatanong lang.


2 thoughts on “Ser, ser, I have a kwistyon!

  1. Hi Jher,

    Pareho tayo ng tanong.

    Pero sinagot iyan ni Sen. Boxer.

    She is concern because there are
    1 MILLION Filipinos in her constituency
    in California and there are 100,000 American
    living in the Philippines.

    1 Million is a significant number for Boxer to win
    in the election and I presume her work on extrajudicial
    killing has something to do with ‘thanking’ the Fil-Am community
    for voting the Democrats in the congress.

    Just trying to rationalize this strange bedfellow. Besides, di rin naman monolithic ang US Senate and haven’t heard from the militant with regards to their answer.

    But what’s definite: it’s tactical and it’s mutually benefiting parties involved.

    Village Tickler

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