Hero or Goon?

Yesterday’s hostage crisis/drama/circus will obviously be the talk of the town for days, even weeks, to come. Many politicians will undoubtedly use this as an issue to boost their chances of winning in the coming elections. I will not be surprised if the opposition will blame the administration for all the suffering that the poor kids had to endure just to get free education and housing. The administration in turn will blame the opposition for pooh-poohing the gains of the economy thus making it more difficult to translate such gains into tangible results, the benefits failing to trickle down to the poor kids.

I am bothered with the fact that a seemingly sane person would go to great lengths of putting the very children he is supposed to take care of in harm’s way to get the help that they need. The parent’s did not seem to be bothered that their children were in danger. What a truly twisted world we are in.

Ducat’s hostage drama and demand is flawed and utterly insane. Why try to kill the people you are trying to help? And what’s even more bothersome is that he actually got what he wanted. Is this a precedent of things to come? Are we to expect more lunatics putting other people in danger just to get what they want? Are we really slowly slipping into decay?

The parents who will get the help from this hostage crisis should be ashamed of themselves if they will get their freebies as a result of this unfortunate and shameful event. Under extreme circumstances, it is the parent who should put their lives on the line for their kids, not the other way around.

I do not admire what Ducat did, and if I was a parent I will never trust my child to the care of people like him. He did it twice and there’s no telling how many times he will do it again. A hero will never put people’s lives in danger. Only goons and criminals do that.


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