Easter and Babies

Happy Easter blogfriends! It’s been awhile since I last had a post. Actually it’s been that long, my hair has grown back to its afro glory. Hahahaha!

Anyway, our observance of the Holy week was really simple, as it has always been every year. I just spent 2 days (Holy Thursday and Good Friday) at home with my mom and bro and we just watched all the DVDs we bought from Quiapo. Watching all those semi-clothed hunkylicious Spartans in 300 and eating Kalderetang baboy on a Good Friday is one sure way of going to heaven noh? But hey I’m not about to debate on the true meaning of “not eating meat” during the holy week so let’s just leave it at that.

The highlight of my holy weekend was actually spending it with none other than my Bridget. We bought a lot of DVDs (yes sa Quiapo din) last Wednesday and we got to watch some of them. It was really frustrating for both of us because Bridget was all alone on Thursday and Friday and I was not around, but by the time I was with him last Saturday up to Monday, people just came and our solo time together went all kaput.

Anyway, on Easter Sunday, Bridget and I went out of our cave and attended the christening of his officemate’s baby. It was my turn to be wifey (or not. hahahah) as Bridget took the stage to be one of the chosen Godparents for little Vince (the kid’s name). The christening was held at the St. James church in Ayala Alabang Village (sosyal!).

The experience would have been fun if not for the tight security at the gates of this super exclusive village. Suffice it to say that the security guards made sure you will feel unwelcome and poor as you entered the hallowed gates. Hahahahahah. Eh kasi naman we just took a jeepney from Alabang Town Center to get inside the village instead of taking the taxi. We only spent a total of 17 pesos as compared to spending as much as 150 pesos for the taxi.

Jeepney fare = P17.00. Pakimkim and Gift = P500.  Full body search and humiliation = Priceless!

Honestly, though, I didn’t find any problem with taking the jeepney really. It’s just the way the guards look at you like you’re automatically branded as akyat-bahay, kidnapper, carnapper (as if being poor and taking the jeepney is not enough) or some other criminal element. I was actually waiting for them to ask for my NBI Clearance, Barangay Clearance and ITR. LOL.

Being poor and a cheapskate aside, the christening went on smoothly and quite fast (about 15 mins tops) . The reception was immediately held on one of the function rooms below the church (feeling dungeon tuloy. :-P)

Syempre heto na ang mga peektyurs


Hey that’s Pareng Paeng beside Bridget. Oh di ba blogger meet ba ito? Paeng was Bridget’s ex-officemate, I say ex because Paeng looked for greener pastures as the grass in Bridget’s organization was getting kinda dry. Charing! I do not know his reason for looking for a new job, but he looks happy don’t you think? Take note of the Linda Evangelista hairstyle of Bridget. Ugh! Fashion icon ang jowa kahit kelan. Hahahahahah

And this is Bridget with the babeh.


Cute nila no? Hope Bridget and I can produce a cuter baby once my uterus starts working. 🙂

Yesterday, another baby came to our lives via Bridget’s friend Ely. The girl was named Reese Cameron (how showbiz) and we expect to attend another Christening with Bridget as one of the ninangs for sure.

So we visited the happy parents and took pictures.

How precious! So small and so fragile. Is this a sign? Should we have a baby soon? I’m not sure if Bridget is ready to breastfeed. 😛

Hope she grows up to be as fabulous as her ninong Bridget. Ugh I look so dark in that picture. Yaya ang block and white lotion dali!

The happy parents. They will not smile as much when the baby grows up and shrieks “Jollibee jollibee!” whenever the kid sees that store’s mascot. Hahahahahahaha.

Anyhoo, that’s how we spent our holy week. We had so much time together, but we didn’t get a single time alone. Well, that’s not counting the evenings we spent in the bedroom. But that’s another blog entry. 😛

Happy Easter again everyone!


8 thoughts on “Easter and Babies

  1. Manboobs talaga ang tingin mo sa dibdib ko. (irap) sige. baby na naman ang nasa isip mo. kasal nga hindi mo maibigay sa akin… (sobs and runs out of the room while cheesy musical score plays in the background, camera pans out)

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