Back to school

I am about to become a stupident (thanks Ruby for your repository of wit) once again. I recently got accepted at the UP Open University. I will be taking my Master’s Degree in Development Communication. Of course this is different from the regular school setup since it is a open and distance education thing but I don’t think my schedule (naks parang ang busy ko) will accommodate going to Los Banos (where the regular, residency program is offered). Di naman yata makatarungan yon.

Kainis lang, I won’t get to see new faces, only once a month when I go to the learning centers for the mandatory learning sessions chuvaness. Hay. Can’t win them all. At least tipid sa baon at pamasahe. 😛


3 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. jher, salamat sa comments mo sa blog ko ha? naloka ako at may-nag-war-la sa akiiin!!!!

    anyhoo, good luck sa pagiging stupident(kalowkah! winner!!!!) sana pag-attend me sa occasional class mo mag school uniform ka na pambabae sabay teased ang hair mo! ay wait!!! chrome dome ka na pala…..pero type ko look mo ngayon!


    good luck sa studies!!!!!

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