Hot Dawg! Sanjaya is Out! Yey!

OMG, I have to get my askal puppy Spencer one of these when he gets a little older. 🙂


hot doll

Yey! Sanjaya is out! Sorry for the spoiler, I have to buy the hot doll for my doggie to celebrate! LOL!


4 thoughts on “Hot Dawg! Sanjaya is Out! Yey!

  1. hahahah wiz na si lola sanjaya? feel ko nawalan ng gana ang america to be humorous and vote for him dahil sa kaninlang shock and sorrow sa nangyari sa viriginia tech university…. as in.

  2. exactly what i was thinking, diva! i really thought chris will be booted out but thanks to the comment of chris and later reinforced by the judges, he was saved. on the other hand, i also felt that sanjaya speaking directly to those who talk about him via his song SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT drew the ire of many and decided to gang up on him.

    ang lola sanjaya mez, bakla yata talaga at bonnie raitt ang tinira…hahahahaha!

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