How dare you Nat Geo

Remember my first attempt at joining a photo competition where I won a consolation prize? Well, finally the package from National Geographic arrived at my house a month after the winners were announced. Talk about fast delivery eh?

I was not at home when the package arrived, delivered by DHL. So the speed is not the issue, they just took their sweet time in sending the package.

The issue here is I have to pay *gasp* P1,500++ to get my item. Whadapak? Didn’t Nat Geo pay for the courier charges? When my mom texted me the information I almost choked.

P1500 for a friggin bag and some coffee table book that I don’t need? If that was the Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone I would not even blink. But for a bag? I don’t even buy bags worth P500 for crying out loud!

Anyway, I texted my mom to just give the item back to DHL (heck they won’t leave it anyway). Bahala syang mabulok don.

Cheapskate that I am, I am furious not only because I do not have the money to pay for the fee (go figure), what’s more irritating is that I have to pay whatever amount to get that prize. Again, National Geographic should have paid for those charges. It’s not as if they’re some cheap cable channel with no budget. They even have Sony Ericsson as a partner.

Pinainit ng National Geographic ang ulo ko ha. To think ang pangit naman ng pinapanalo nila. Hmph! (Yes I’m a bitter person)

Ferdz and Mahal Amanda, did you pay fee? Malamang si Mahal di magrereklamo kasi naman cybershot ang prize nya. 😛


Apparently the fees that I have to pay are for customs charges and vat.  Hah. Anyway I saw the freight papers thingie, and they conveniently clicked “Customs changes to be paid by recepient.” I still won’t pay for it. Bahala syang mabulok don. Hmph.


8 thoughts on “How dare you Nat Geo

  1. Dude, I was shocked too when I received the DHL’s inbound invoice and yes, i have to pay the same amount. It’s really our country’s customs that are charging but it would have been sweet if NGC paid for EVERYTHING.

    Taxes are what’s making it surprisingly expensive.

    Mejo nakakadismaya eh noh?

    I have no word yet about the phone…

  2. Ano ba yon!!!!! So not worth it. Dedma na sa bag at libro. Mas malayo pa mararating ng P1,500 kesa sa bag na may branding nila at librong gagawin lang pamatong sa diyaryo para di liparin ng electric fan.

  3. Pabayaan mo siyang mabulok doon, minsan kahit na nga binayaran noong nagpadala sa iyo, may-i-bayad pa rin tayo dito kapag iki-claim na natin, very unfair talaga. Saan kaya napupunta ang binabayad na iyan? Hay naku!!!

  4. Hi Jher, I did pay the same amount. Ganun talaga dito. Although NGC paid for the courrier, they are not responsible or they have no control over the 12% VAT and Tax na pinapatong ng local government.

    The same thing with ordering and shipping online, kaya pag me ganun, sa kakilala ko na lng sa ibang bansa ipapadala tas sila na lng magdadala sa Pinas para wala ng bayad

    Anyways, I felt like I bought the book (almost the same price here) and got the other freebies. Kunin mo na rin. MAganda yung bag! Ang daming pockets tas me sleeve sya for a laptop. Aside sa book you’ll also get a reversible hat, a “Think Again” notebook and a Tshirt. Ibenta mo na lng cguro kung ayaw mo for the same amount or bigger. hehe 😀

  5. Mahal and Ferdz – good for you, you still chose to pay for the taxes. Hahahah. Unfortunately, I’m no longer interested. As I said, with the amount I will have to pay for the bag and book, I will be able to buy an item that I really like. I joined the contest just for fun, and this thing took the fun out of it. Enjoy your freebies. 🙂

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