A New Addiction


Bridget and I bought a DVD of the hit NBC series “Heroes” last weekend, and  the superhero fan that I am, got instantly hooked.

My favorite hero is Hiro Nakamura, the Japanese who can bend the time-space continuum. I so want to have that power, that way I don’t have to get all loony with my deadlines. I just freeze time and do my thing. I’d be super duper efficient because I can submit on-time, even earlier.

So who’s your favorite Hero?

Can’t wait till the next episode!


8 thoughts on “A New Addiction

  1. ay naku, i was supposed to write something about this and once again, you beat me to the funch…charing. hahahaha!

    my favorite is peter petrelli. he absorbs the powers of others. he said, “…because of this, i am nothing really.” i beg to differ…he is EVERYTHING.

    pero ikaw ang sasabihin mo tiyak ako si Eden dahil sa kanyang power of suggestion na kina-classify mo as imposition. hmph.

  2. mama, yung DVD nabili ninyo kulang pa yan! Di pa tapos ang season 1 ng heroes!!! pramis!!!! Season one will be officially over by start of June. If you bought the one with 18 episodes, kulang pa yan. the 19th episode just aired last Monday sa states, and there will about 3 to 4 episodes more before it officially ends….

    But type ko si…..Sylar….. kontrabida?!?!?! ahahahahahah

  3. Chong – Of course I know that. As if namang di agad ako nag research sa Heroes noh. May spoilers na nga akong nabasa sa mga susunod na episodes. Kainez.

  4. Ang gwapo ni Sylar, kaya lang sobrang KSP at insecure ang potah. Peter Petrelli ang favorite ko, dahil gwapo sya. yun lang, eversince Gilmore Girls era pa…

  5. Fave ko rin si Hiro. Nakakatuwa yung character nya. Mas lalo na yung recent episode 20! yung “Hiro in the Future” ang bangis nung episode. Daming revelations!

  6. Redjeulle – kasi naman given na, na maging favorite si Peter kasi naman no awesome ang powers niya. I just find Hiro endearing. Saka type ko ang chubby chinitos (babatukan ako sigurado ni Bridget nito)

  7. Ferdz – yup i already have a copy of the latest episodes. grabe ang resources sa internet. hehehe. will watch everythin’ this weekend.

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