The List

I’m still having second thoughts about voting on May 14, but just in case I take the plunge, these are the persons whom I’ll be definitely voting for:

  1. Sonia Roco
  2. Joker Arroyo
  3. Kiko Pangilinan
  4. Ralph Recto
  5. Miguel Zubiri
  6. Manny Villar

We have 30 plus candidates and I can only choose 6? Ewww…

I’m still iffy with these people, I would probably vote for them, but I still need more convincing:

  1. Chiz Escudero – He’s kinda interesting, but I want to know if his bite is more than his bark.
  2. Mike Defensor – I give him A++ for his staunch loyalty to GMA. But he has got to lose those braces. And Boy Abunda.
  3. Noynoy Aquino – I’m sure he’s intelligent and honest. But he just doesn’t connect like his father. Kris would have been a better politician if only she managed to not screw her life and ended up in showbiz.
  4. Nikki Coseteng – I need another strong female presence in the senate other than Madame Miriam. But there’s something turning me off… hmm… Erap impeachment trial anyone?

And why I won’t vote for these people:

  1. Koko Pimentel – Dynasty? What dynasty? They’re just doing what Loi and Jinggoy did. LOL. But seriously, what can he offer other than flaunting his topping the bar exam?
  2. Alan Peter Cayetano – All bark, no bite. I’d love to have Dr. Belo work on his missing chin though.
  3. Prospero Pichay – Kaya kong tuparin ang sarili kong pangarap without the help of a vegetable, thank you. I’d rather vote for Susana Pichay (ang mag reak ka age level ko. hahahaha).
  4. Chavit Singson – Goodness! Do we need to emphasize that he’s a jueteng bagman for Erap? That he betrayed Erap because he’s too greedy for his own good? Nuff said.
  5. Tessie Aquino Oreta – Sabi ng kanta: “Sorry doesn’t make it anymore”.
  6. Tito Sotto – We have Lito Lapid, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla. It’s enough that these mokongs are doing nothing in the senate. Wag na dagdagan.

As for the rest… deadma na.


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