Out of Music

Ever since my Creative Zen Micro conked out on me after a disastrous firmware upgrade, I was struggling my butt off trying to replace it (my player, not my butt) with a decent alternative that will not break my already hemorrhaging wallet.

I bought a cheapo 512 mb player which was decent enough although the sound quality was below my Micro. Then I saw this 1gb iPod Nano clone, bought it coz it was cheap (go figure) and then sold the 512 mb player to my brother. But the clone died on me in less than two months, darn chinese knock-offs.

I’m now using the player I sold to my brother. Apparently he’s not much of a music freak and for some other reasons he’s just not using it. So, I used it again.

But the this thing is a AAA battery monster. The rechargeable battery I bought was working fine for a month or so but for some freak force of nature, it is now unable to play for more than an hour. Even if the battery is freshly charged.

So what’s the point of this post?

Nothing really. I just want to rant. Or ask for donations, in cash or in kind. I just need enough to buy a decent 2nd gen iPod shuffle. Or you can donate one to me, the green one will be great. (Kapal) 😛


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