Now, the Inquirer

Wow, Sony Ericsson is on a media spree. Got the surprise of my life two days ago when friends started texting me about my Nat Geo winning entry. First ’twas the Philippine Star, now I’m on the Inquirer. Wow.

Thanks to Bridget, I have already a scanned copy of the article. Exciting! Bridget was so excited to announce the article he has already posted this in his blog. Hahahah. Talk about wifely support. 😛

So here it is folks, click to view a bigger image:

There were around 3200 entries from all over Asia, and 3 winners from each country. From the 3 winners from the Philippines, of which I did not win 1st prize, my entry has been included in articles posted in 2 major dailies. I could not ask for anything more (well except that I hope to be able to take more beautiful photos soon). Thank you again, Sony Ericsson and National Geographic.

And thank you my love, for your unwavering support. Hahahahah pang Academy Awards ba eto? 😀

If you want to see my photo, please visit my previous blog entry.


20 thoughts on “Now, the Inquirer

  1. curacha – di ba who would have realized that a celfone cam could produce such a picture? but anyway, that also depends on the camera fone qualities. and the skills of the photographer. hahahaha 😛

  2. Hapet Jher, talbog talaga kami sa beauty mo ah! Hehe.

    I noticed na nag feature sila ng photos based on different models and you were fortunate to take a great photo with your K610i. Hope to see more from it and keep up the great work! 😀

  3. Hi Ferdz! – Naku syempre my meager talent can not be compared to yours. hahahahah. anyway you are correct, it is actually a showcase of the sony ericsson phone capabilities. parang ilan lang kami na nag entry using k610i and then my entry won, so ayun. thanks ulit! 😛

  4. badoodles – wow tagal ko nang di naririnig ang word na yan. sa dating office ko lang naririnig ang badoodles dati. hmmm. heheheh. thank you!

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