Nothing New

How weird. It’s been a week and I don’t have any new post about anything that’s been happening in my life. Yaiks! Is my life that boring?

Oh last week I met up with Ruby. Yeah. Definitely my life is boring. Hahaha.

Bridget is still in the Queen City of the South. No wonder I’m bored. 😛

Have you seen my winning pic? Oh yeah I did that already. I’m such a loser. 🙂

The month is about to end and we still do not have the final tally for the senatorial elections. As if that’s a consolation, we are getting the same crap and trapos anyway.

Speaking of crap, WTF is wrong with the Miss Universe pageant? It doesn’t look as glamorous as it did years ago. It’s like I’m watching TV Babe of Eat Bulaga.

And speaking of Miss Universe, remember this opening number when the Philippines hosted the pageant in 1994?


That is what an opening number should be, not that pre-taped opening crap they televised yesterday.

And here’s the parade of nations. Fabulous!



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