Decisions, actions, consequences

Life has not been a bed of roses lately.

When you half-expected the arrival of bad news, you also expect to be half-hurt.  But when you dismiss the hurt and try to reduce it to almost nothing, it turns into a needle prick that is irritating and nonetheless painful.

You actually can not reduce the disappointment to a mere “Oh It’s okay, I sorta expected it, and besides I didn’t put my hopes up too high.”  Because at the back of the mind, you did put up your hopes higher than what you should have.

I’m disappointed because I believe that whatever it is that’s been happening to my life is the result of one decision that I made years ago.  A decision I made without even thinking because I was ambitious and greedy.

I would not have the done the same had I been more mature.

So many “what ifs” have cropped up again.


5 thoughts on “Decisions, actions, consequences

  1. i dont know what you are talking about, but i hope you are okay. it has been sometime since we last talked. am here, jerome.


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