It was a simple day (well, actually two days since we’ve been together the night before), but it was the best I’ve had in years. Thanks babe for being with me on my special day… in Madrid no less (charing)! Hahahahah

Moi and Bridget having our 3rd breakfast… (why 3rd you say? heheheh)

See more after the jump!

After our 2nd breakfast of eggs, longganiza and fried rice. What’s for the first breakfast? You don’t wanna know. Hahahahhaha!

Pa-cute sa fotog.

Fotog pacutes back. 😛

Wearing the shirt I won from Nat Geo. I’ve a weird smile talaga. Hmph.

Goofy weirdo. 😛

Where is this place?

Photo-op of course!

Smile some more.

I love you babe! Thanks for the best birthday gift ever!


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