The fear of re-living that horrible day.

My Tuesday did not end as usual is it should have. I arrived at home, surprised to find my mother lying on the wooden “sofa”, mumbling something, and in terrible pain. My brother said that she had an attack of hypertension hours ago and she has been vomiting since 5 pm (I got in at 8:30). Aside from the hypertension, she is also having a massive hyperacidity attack.

My whole body went numb, but I didn’t show my panic. I kissed her cheeks and asked how she felt. She barely said anything. Minutes later she asked to be assisted to the CR. She vomited again. I can clearly see very yellow stuff coming out. This is pretty serious.

So then I gathered all my strength and took over. I told my mom I will be bringing her to the hospital because I have no idea what to give her relieve the pain. She was suffering from two illnesses at the same time and that’s catastrophic for any person made of lesser stuff. I was worried but still in awe of her strength and courage.

A good samaritan neighbor luckily knew how to take blood pressure and she has the gadget to do it. As expected her bp is way beyond normal. She told me that earlier she felt she was inside a blender. Everything was spinning. We had to move right away before it gets late and she gets worse.

Fast forward to an hour later and we’re inside the nearest clinic. We didn’t go to the hospital as planned because the nearest one had the nasty reputation of asking for deposits before admitting patients (damn private hospitals). Anyway, fortunately she was immediately attended to by the people in charge and after the check up and some medicines for both the hypertension and hyperacidity, we were allowed to go home. Of course, I had to buy the prescribed medicines. Suffice it to say that I nearly got my own hypertensive attack after seeing the bills. 🙂

She is now home and recovering. I spent the whole day yesterday as her personal nurse, monitoring her condition, giving her medicines regularly. I hardly slept. Bridget even visited us in the afternoon (shucks, he’s sooooo sweet).

I really wish I don’t have to go through this again, not in a long long while, anyway. 5 years ago I went through almost the same ordeal when Dad died. It all started with a flu, but within 2 days he was gone. It’s his death anniversary today.

I remember last Tuesday when Mom was having her attacks, I kept on asking my Dad to help us get through this ordeal, I still believed that mom will be okay that evening, but if things got wrong, it will be a very sad coincidence. Call me praning, but when these things unfold before your very eyes, you could think of so many bad things.

We still need to go a hospital for a work-up, so we would really know what went wrong despite her maintenance pills that she took religiously. Anyway she is much better now. She even texted me to bring her something to eat.

Thank God for his wonderful gift of healing. But no, I would not want to go through the same ordeal anytime soon. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The fear of re-living that horrible day.

  1. oh man. hang in there, jher. things will be alright. i’m not very religious but i’ll say a prayer for your mom to get well soon and for you to be stronger than you already are.

  2. You’re a strong guy, Jher. You handled the situation very well, even if you were shaking inside. I can’t imagine the panic and fear you went through, but it’s great that you have a good support system. Hang in there. I pray your Mom will be stronger soon. And yes, do stay strong for her too. *hugs*

  3. Hang in there. Maybe your mom gets hypertensive when she remembers your dad. There was one episode in House where a lady has a heart-attack-like phenomenon every year at the same date. Turns out that was the date when her neighbor (whom she had an affair) died. She loved him so much that it pains her when she remembers him during his death anniversary. Hope your mom gets better. God bless.

  4. it’s hard when one of your loved ones get sick or something. it’s like you’re being crushed. mas gusto mo na nga lang na kaw na ung makadanas ng pain kaysa ung mahal mo. Mybebe’s complaining of her ulcer for two days pero parang ako ‘yung hirap and worried and all.

  5. naisip ko, fafa jher, baka naisip ng mom mo ang dad mo. minsan mas nakaka-high blood ang pag-iisip more than anything else.

    but you handled the situation well, despite your own fears.

    hope your mom gets really well soon… 🙂

  6. sorry i didnt get to read your post as i was on blog break for two weeks. sorry to hear about your mom. hope she is okay na. ingat.

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