Thank you ma’am, sir!

Thank you again guys for your comments on my last post regarding my mom’s illness. I am happy to report that she is much much better now although she needs to have a blood work-up done to assess what really caused her hypertension.

Unfortunately I was also struck by conjunctivitis (aka sore eyes) this weekend and I was only able to report for work today. I stayed home for almost a week and nearly went insane.

So today I was eager to leave the house and… gasp… go to work! You know I love my mom to bits, but her small whinings were getting to me, so I had to leave soon or we’ll end up in a fight. It’s gonna be a terrible fight when two “kulots” do it believe me. 😛

Now I’m back. My eyes are still a bit pinkish (like my cheeks) but my doctor said that this is no longer contagious so… time to surf for porn once again. Hahaha kidding!

Or not.


It’s been 3 weeks since I last saw Bridget! He even got sick and I wasn’t able to visit him because of my highly contagious eyes. Poor baby. 😦

I will see him tonight, though. So… yay!


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