It’s the weekend! Yeyz!

At last, I will be spending my much awaited, much anticipated weekend with Bridget. Too bad though, he has been recently diagnosed with high triglycerides and cholesterol, affecting his blood pressure. Hmmmm… does that mean we shouldn’t be doing activities that will make him tired? πŸ˜›

Happy weekend everyone!

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10 thoughts on “It’s the weekend! Yeyz!

  1. hmmmm…di ba sabi nila, sex relaxes the mind and body?
    (gah! i am so not relaxed pala for…like…errr…forever?) haha.
    enjoy your time together. have fun. πŸ™‚

  2. JHER (and JEROME).. I agree with Atticus. And besides, who said you shouldn’t tire him out? Ang sabi ng doctor, less stress. Stressful ba yung.. cuddling? Just have fun!

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