The Malu Brouhaha

OMG! I’ve been out-of-town for a week and when I come back the local blogosphere is abuzz about Malu Fernandez’ offensive article daw against our OFWs. Hmmm… okay. So online I went to read the article.

The girl was trying to be acerbic and witty and she ended up writing an offensive piece. Daw.

I find her pretensyosa and matapobre, sure. But seriously, is she any more different than some (or most) of us?

Magpakatotoo lang tayong mga pinoy. Pag tayo ang nanglalait ng kapwa natin, nakakatawa, pero pag tayo na ang nilalait, tumatawag tayo ng rebolusyon. Remember Claire Danes and her comment on the Philippines as dirty, full of garbage and cockroach infested kuning? Eh di ba totoo naman? And what did we do about this? Did we clean up our mess and proved her wrong? No. We still continued to dump our garbage in vacant lots, on the streets and in rivers. And then we complain of the floods when the rains come.

We all praise our OFWs to high heavens for saving our economy but tell me, at the back of your evil minds and hearts, some of you see them as anything but lower than… say… call center agents, or corporate employees or regular government workers.

Malu is as guilty as most of us are. But that is not to say she is not telling a sad truth.

Before anyone attempts to lump me into the same category as Malu, let me just say that I am proudly a child of an OFW. My father worked in Saudi Arabia for 12 years. I was offended by her article not because of her tirade on OFWs, I was offended because of her pathetic and lame attempt at acerbic humor, of which she failed miserably. I found her offensive because she is a pretensyosa.

The problem with Malu is that she mistakenly assumed she was funny and witty. She really was not. Her supposed wit was best reserved for her friends who would appreciate it. It’s just unfortunate that she has to share this article with us and earn in the process. And for that she’s reaping the rewards of her lousy article.

One thing is for sure, she is more popular now.


I’ve read all these nasty comments about her on other blogs and sad to say… people, you are making it harder for people like Malu to change her stand. If you hate her so much, hate her because of her twisted beliefs, not because she is fat. In the end you are no different from her.


2 thoughts on “The Malu Brouhaha

  1. Wow, nice observation, dear. Definitely, she isn’t funny pero korak ka na dapat huwag tingnan ang kaniyang katabaan kasi mataba din ako e, huhuhu.

  2. (hmmm…personal opinion lahat ito, ha?)

    nang basahin ko ang sinulat niya, naisip ko:

    1) hindi ako nagalit. may mga gaya niya talagang tao eh. marami ang tulad niya. hindi na bago sa akin ang tulad niya.

    2) naawa sa kanya kasi hindi na-edit ang sinulat niya. gusto ko tuloy isipin na sinadya siyang pabayaan ng editor niya. hahaha!

    3) natawa ako kasi alam ko iyong charlie. pero hindi ko pa talaga nae-encounter ang jo malone. hindi talaga ako puwedeng magkunwaring sosyal. yagit ako, yagit! haha.

    seriously, she was trying so hard (but failed miserably) to be funny. she probably thought she was, as she said in her defense. but the article should have focused on the funny things that happened and were said on the flight, to provide the readers with a light-hearted glimpse of the lives and times of our ofws. (if levity was really the intent). i’m sure they have a lot of funny stories. what came out instead was her snooty take on people who do not belong to her class.

    i don’t resent her for being rich, and for openly declaring that she is. i like it when people have a lot of money. we need more rich people in this country.

    but i blame her for not taking things that offend her with dignity.

    and to me, that is the real measure of class, which, apparently, does not always come with money.

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