Ukay Galore in Gensan!

This is the first time I saw ukay-ukay in its raw form: clothing, sheets, bags of all shapes, colors and sizes on mounds. No fancy hangers, no airconditioned (or electric-fanned) stalls and no salesgirls to assist you. Just caritons, open boxes, and lots of sweaty (sometimes smelly) ukay shoppers. The vendors shouting at customers “Bagong abre! Bagong Abre!” (Newly opened! Newly opened!) so you will know that you are getting the freshest and newest (hahahah) items out of the box.

As I rummaged through the heaps of used clothing, I felt my nostrils starting to itch with all the dust floating in the air. There’s this weird smell wafting; a mixture of sweat, used and unwashed clothes and cartons. This is not for people with lung problems, I tell you.

But when I finally saw and grabbed those one-of-a-kind items, and get to pay for them for a measly 25 pesos per piece, the chaos and dust was all worth it. Until I get diagnosed for lung cancer, or TB. 🙂

Bedsheets, table runners and pillow cases for as low as 20 pesos.

A kid oblivious to all the chaos as her mother finally sees the last few items of her stock dwindling away. A good day for business indeed.

Pili lang!

Don’t forget your shoes to match your “new” ukay outfit.

I managed to buy 4 items, including a cream-colored, turtle neck Ralph Lauren (original, mind you) sweatshirt. I do not know when will have the chance to wear it, but heck it’s 25 pesos and it’s RL so who cares?

When I go back to Gensan the visit to the ukay ukay will definitely be on top of my to-do list. 🙂


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