Updates, sorta.

I know I haven’t had the chance to update this blog regularly, or as much as I would like to. It’s just that my life isn’t as exciting as I hoped it would be (except when I’m with Bridget, of course).  Outside my lovelife, I am living a pretty simple existence.  I have very few friends, and even fewer close friends.  So, if I’m not with Bridget or at the office, I’m just home, watching tv, or listening to music, or sleeping.

Worklife is iffy right now. I’m at that phase where I’m looking for new things to do, and I can’t leave just yet. Basta. It’s iffy.

If not for our newfound interest in photography (or in my case, lomography, shucks), my life would even be at a standstill.

Thank you for being a silent witness to my life. I hope I could post fun and exciting updates soon.



2 thoughts on “Updates, sorta.

  1. Fun and exciting is relative. We are grateful for whatever you share.. but sometimes, you share more with the day-to-day than the “wow” parts of life.. thanks, by the way, for educating me about “lomo”… =)

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