He is a Senator?

I am actually cussing while I watched the events unfolded yesterday. I can’t help it. This person is supposed to be a senator of this country, and yet he had the gall to undermine the criminal justice system by walking out of the hearing of his own case, and again try to launch an effort to topple the government.

Who voted for this whack job anyway? If only I had black magic I’d hex everyone who put him in the Senate. As in isusumpa ko lahat ng bumoto sa mokong na to na magka ketong. In the first place, that chamber is crazy as it is, dinagdagan pa ng isa.

He and this General Lim babbles about the illegitimacy of the Arroyo government then goes to proclaim that they will be installing a new government with new leaders. Hello! Mas unconstitutional kaya ang gagawin nyo, mga ungas!

Mrs. Arroyo’s government is corrupt, sure. I’d give you that, pero who’s government isn’t? Erap? Ramos? Cory? Marcos? Macapagal? Pwede ba wag kayong magmalinis. But to attempt to place an unconstitutional government to replace an “illegitimate” government (yet to be proven, mind you) is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

Some have complained of overkill the manner in which the police used their force to finish the crisis. Hello again, you think Trillanes would use lesser force if and when he succeeds in taking over the government? Militar kaya yan, hindi santo.

11 million voters voted for you Senator Trillanes. Sinasayang mo ba talaga ang boto nila? Pwes wag mong ipagmalaki ang 11 million mo, dahil 33 million ang hindi bumoto sa yo.

This guy should rot in jail. Yun lang.


4 thoughts on “He is a Senator?

  1. .,tMa lNg ang GinAwA ni SEn. Trillanes eventhough im not yet a voter coz im just only 16 years old yet we, youth are open in the crisis that Filipinos are facing ryt now…

    PRES. GMA should leave her position ASAP coz it will bring more damage to the country. if she luv the philippines she would do the right action, and if shes intellegent enough we are sure that she wud understand..we have the right to share our opinions..coz lyk the others we are included in this chaos..

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