New Photos

Photos from our recent honeymoon in Davao, as well as some random pics. Click on the link to visit the complete set in my multiply site. 😛

Enjoy dearies!

Miranda’s (my holga) first sprockets

Davao Holga Shots

From Manila-Gensan-Davao


4 thoughts on “New Photos

  1. I am so impressed by all this art that I am now seriously looking at taking up LOMO photography and scouring the web for HOLGA deals. You are a true artist!

  2. Hi Dinna, I’ve never felt such excitement in photography which I never felt using digital. I admit I still have to learn a lot, but in the process I am enjoying it so much. I hope you find the right lomo camera for you. It doesn’t have to be a holga, it doesn’t even have to be a Lomo branded camera. As you can see I also used a vintage Konica camera. Siguro naman marami pang mabibilihan ng film dyan sa New york. 🙂

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