Closing Shop?

I think this is bound to happen.  The year did not start out too nice for me, and I am barely updating this blog.

I don’t know what happened. I’m not as busy as I was (not that I was that busy), I am almost always online but I did not have the drive to blog as often as I used to.

I got tired.

Tired of complaining about politics, about the weather, about stupid people.

I’ve nothing to update except how wonderful my life is with Bridget, and I’m sure you’re fed up with that.

I’m not about to give out tips and recipes just to put something.

I’m sick of memes.

I never celebrated the years this blog has been online because frankly, and finally I realized it, this blog is lame. 😛

I’m closing this blog soon.  Sorry guys, it’s bound to happen.

But don’t worry, Bridget and I are coming up with something. And hopefully, it will not suck as much as our first effort.

Toodles, for now. 🙂


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