How are you?

I’m seeing signs that my work life will stabilize in the next few months. That is, until the project that I will be working on ends 2 years from now. But thank the Lord for small miracles I was able to survive for about 4 months without a “regular” job. Though, from the “rakets” I’ve had, I got to earn more than what I used to earn from my previous job. Yun nga lang hindi regular.

So, my blogging may return to normal soon. Although Bridget and I are coming up with a better offering. Times are changing. So our blogs will have to change. Even my fascination and excitement with Lomography have waned a bit. I’m still excited with photography, be it analog (film) or digital. But I admit I still I’ve lots to learn. Hopefully I’d get to improve on my craft.

So how are you?


2 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. Toni – Hahahahah wag masyado magpaka-bayani dearest. Huy di ba sa ad agency ka? Baka my project would need external help from an ad agency I’ll contact you pag kelangan na namin. 🙂

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