I’m a Psycho-killer and they don’t know it. Yet.

Yesterday I went through a grueling battery of psychological/personality exams as part of my pre-employment requirements. In the morning of course the exams were a bit “easy” since my mind is still fresh, but as the day progressed I was ready to puke out and all I’m seeing were patterns, images, and spatial relations. I was even trying to evoke the spirit of John Nash (remember A Beautiful Mind) as I tried to churn out the answers to the exams.

I understand this is needed by the employers to assess their future employees of their personality and psychological condition, but I just have this feeling that sometimes it doesn’t help.

I mean, I’ve worked with some pretty “crazy” people whom I know “passed” some Psycho/Personality test one way or another and sometimes you’d wonder who’d even be sane to hire such a lunatic. I know some people think of me the same way too. Hehehe.

I wonder what my psychological evaluation would be? I can hear the theme from Psycho now… 🙂


One thought on “I’m a Psycho-killer and they don’t know it. Yet.

  1. 😀 I took a similar test and I am apparently top billing for budding psycho (9 out of 10) … Among the attributes I remember were – antisocial, lack of fear of strangers, paranoia, blah blah… Neways i have them all 😦 …

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