What a dumb decision, Mayor Lim

It has been about 3 weeks since the great mayor of Manila, Mr. Alfredo Lim, disallowed the entry of provincial buses operating from the South (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas), and since then my life as a public commuter have been nothing but hell.

The buses only get as far as Vito Cruz, whereas before, people can disembark at the Park N’ Ride terminal in Lawton.

With this weather, you can not imagine the hell people go through just to reach Manila. The heat is unbearable, and the traffic is (still) terrible. I do not know what this great mayor is thinking. Banning the buses from Taft Avenue did not even help in alleviating the traffic. I think the traffic along Roxas Boulevard got worse because of his bright idea. And what would be of the Park N’ Ride terminal?

I’ve read somewhere that the decision to have the buses banned was brought about by complaints from the offices and establishments around taft avenue.  They have complained that these buses have been unscrupulously stopping wherever they please to get and disembark passengers.

This is a moronic decision if you ask me. The traffic problem is not only caused by the buses, but the jeepneys and FX (and everyone else) as well.  We have undisciplined drivers but this goes back to poor traffic management and the sheer stupidity of the traffic enforcers.  If these enforcers were not as dumb as they are now, the streets of Manila will not be clogged.

Ever since Mayor Lim got elected his administration is nothing but a vendetta against the previous Mayor, Lito Atienza. First he closed Baywalk, demolished the pedestrianized Rizal Avenue, and then this. His agenda is nothing but reversing (almost) everything Mayor Atienza has done. Of course some of the previous Mayor’s decision and actions are ludicrous, but I do not really know the logic of this decision regarding the provincial buses. The classes have not even begun and the traffic is as terrible as it was even before the banning of the buses. This means that his great idea is not even working. Even the traffic in front of the City Hall got worse because his moronic traffic people opened up the intersection between the Bonifacio monument and the City Hall.

If Mr. Lim thinks he’s doing Manila a great favor by banning these buses, then I have news for you Mr. Lim, most of the passengers of those buses work and pay their taxes in Manila, and they even (still) vote in Manila. Most of us just transferred to the provinces to escape your congested city.

Come election time, Mayor Lim, you will reap the rewards of your moronic actions.


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