Pinoy Idol sucks

And in a big way.

I’ve had high hopes for this new Idol franchise. God knows how much we complained as to how the previous Idol offering from channel 5 paled in comparison to the American version. Technically, Philippine Idol was a disaster from the very beginning. But we still managed to love the channel 5 offering because despite the technicalities, they produced decent contestants. Most of the top 12 alumni have gigs from both the kapuso and kapamilya networks.

I never realized how much better that production was in comparison to the Pinoy Idol of Channel 7. To think that this is the No. 1 station in Mega Manila and Luzon, to think that they have the money and technical expertise, that the Idol franchise of channel 5 was even better.

First off, the talents that they have chosen were even worse than the talents of previous singing contests such as Pinoy Pop Superstar, Star in a Million, Search for a Star. C’mon! Ang yabang yabang nating magsabi na we are a nation of singers and this is what we come up with? Except for the Penelope girl, ang pangit na lahat ng boses ng ibang contestants, parang pang fiesta talent contest ang quality.

And what’s wrong with Raymond Gutierrez? Bakit para syang bangkay mag host? He’s so stiff, walang ka banter banter with the judges and contestants, and if he decides do have one, it’s sooooo scripted. Did he just die and what we have now is just an embalmed version of Richard’s twin?

Finally, the audio. Oh my gulay. I understand channel 5 operates on Mono sound and I understand that they are located in the province of Novaliches that’s why their signal is terrible, but GMA has no excuse. Ang pangit pangit ng labas ng audio ng singers, even the sound of Danny Tan’s band is like the musical equivalent of a cat who has been run over by a car, and survived. What’s wrong with GMA’s audio?

Hay. It’s really so hard when you can’t help but compare Pinoy Idol with American Idol. It’s no contest, I know. But when the old Philippine Idol Franchise seem to be better than Pinoy Idol, then that’s a big problem.


Naku mukhang hindi lang pala ako ang nagrereklamo about Pinoy Idol. Read some more here, here and here. Hay nako, Jove Francisco, I miss your channel’s version of the Idol Franchise. Despite the limitations, Philippine Idol was much, much better. And kahit ano sabihin ng GMA, their future Idol winner will never be the first. Mau Marcelo was the first (and only, if we’d be technical about it) Philippine Idol, a title that is more dramatic and respectable, than that bastardized franchise of GMA.


15 thoughts on “Pinoy Idol sucks

  1. Meryl David is actually a friend of mine (a few years ago she sang for my old jazz band for a couple of gigs) and I think she’s one of the best singers out there. I’ve never seen an episode of Pinoy Idol though and I did hear she landed in the bottom 4 last week.

    And if you say that the performances are lackluster, I can only imagine how bad the production is.

  2. hi ade,

    I could not remember this Meryl friend of yours. If she indeed was a good singer, then Pinoy Idol is not doing her justice. So far I could not remember even half of the contestants because they are all forgettable. Sad, but true.

  3. I know. Somehow when I watch these singing contest contestants painfully try to perform on TV, I can only help but wonder what happened to them.

  4. dont watch the show if you think it stinks. pathetic dumb ass people! baka nag audition lang kayo at di natanggap hahahaa rakenrol

  5. ye right….
    lahat ng sinabi mo totoo..
    and not only the audio sucks..
    pati video quality ang panget..
    i hope makarating to sa gma..
    binababoy nila ang IDOL

  6. Elaine – I will watch whatever show I want and I will rant whenever I want to. Do not read this blog if you only want to read only the good stuff about your pathetic show. People who end their statement with “rakenrol” are trolls.

  7. I totally agree! Pinoy Idol sucks, especially the judges! Wyngard and Jolina do not know how to judge. They picked the wrong ones too. Argh!

  8. naman! wut do u expect from wilma?

    kamusta naman ang jury skills?
    at ang host na bading?

    ang laos ng mga contestants..singing competition ito!

    wer have all the glory of filipino singers’ gone?

    justice please!

    see PDA instead!

  9. naman! wut do u expect from wilma?

    kamusta naman ang jury skills?
    at ang host na bading?

    ang laos ng mga contestants..singing competition ito!

    wer have all the glory of filipino singers’ gone?

    justice please!

    see PDA instead!

  10. Nakakataba ng puso. i worked in philippine idol and it was my first job. i really enjoyed the experience at ang kahargadan.
    affected ako kasi sabi nila ang panget daw ng abc5 show, hence the ratings…

    pero nung nakita ko yung gma7 version…eksakto sa naisip ko yung mga sinasabi mo now. i felt better. kahit na small station lang kami…we made a better show than the latest one.

    salamat, salamat. grabe, minurder talaga ng gma7 lahat ng franchise na sinisimulan nila. upnext: survivor. haaay.

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