Life vests

Whenever I get the chance to ride a boat or a ferry, the first thing that I would look for is the location of the life vests.  It’s understandable because I don’t know how to swim.  At least if something would happen, I would at least float and hopefully survive instead of drowning to my death.

But somehow the unfortunate sinking of MV Princess of the Stars scared me.  I’m sure these people managed to don their vests, and yet we are still looking at 700 ++ dead.  The vests are not enough, really, if you are facing typhoon signal number 3. 

My heart goes out to all the victims, but more so to the families who would have to go through all the pain.

I took this shot of during our visit to Samal Island in Davao, I never realized how relevant this picture would be, until now.


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