It’s my birthday today. My first time “celebrating” it away from my Bridget. Now my work takes over my previously stagnant life but it’s taking over so fast I have to celebrate it in the field and far away from my love.

Thank you babe for the wonderful gift of love and understanding, and for being with me on the path to being a better person. I love you. See you next week.


2 thoughts on “34

  1. Hi jerome,
    sorry this is late. to be honest, i forgot. im hoping honesty will absolve me. it’s been quite sometime since we hooked up, it seems there’s so much to catch up on what’s new with each other. but i do try to drop by as often as I could here just to stay within the radar and I am happy things are working out for you again, professionally; i’m even happier you are blissfully happy in your personal life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear friend. stay happy!

  2. Thanks Bong! No problem. I don’t have the knack for remembering birthdays either. We will catch up sometime, when our schedules permit. 🙂

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