Congrats, Mr. Ledger.

Superb work, Mr. Heath Ledger. Your interpretation will be a tough act to follow.

While I’m not totally ooohhh-ahhhh over the movie, The Dark Knight will give you a rollercoaster of a movie experience. Worth the 120 (or more) ticket? Yes, definitely. Just prepare to give your grey matter a bit of an exercise though.  But for those who won’t get it, the Batpod will suffice. 😛


3 thoughts on “Congrats, Mr. Ledger.

  1. I think TDK is the most accurate rendition of Batman, Joker (even though it’s just make-up and he didn’t fall into a vat of acid) and their motivations and relationship with each other.

    I totally love the order vs. anarchy theme in the film.

    As for Dent, they got Dent correctly but they kind of got Two-Face wrong (he doesn’t have multiple personality disorder in the film!) but I like how his character went.

    As a big Batman fan, I am totally satisfied with the film.

  2. I second that Ade. It was superb. I felt that the touched on everything that they should have. Two face was creepier than I expected, but the gist of it was spot on!

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