Zen Zest Launches Mouthwatering ‘Sparkling Sugar’ Collection

ZEN ZEST, the Philippines’ most respected line of personal bath and body products, takes inspiration from delicious sweet treats for its new Sparkling sugar collection of fragrances.

The Sparkling Sugar collection’s fruit-inspired fragrances are sure to please with their crisp and clean scents. Indulge in Key Lime Pie, a delightful citrusy fragrance that combines the unique aroma of tart green key limes with the comforting aroma of creamy milk, or Watermelon Sorbe, which brings sweet summer all year round with the refreshing scent of sun-ripened watermelons, made even more delicious with light kisses of lemony citrus and sugar.

The Sparkling Sugar collection also has a couple of rich, creamy pastry-inspired fragrances. Vanilla Ice Cream marries the warm scents of fresh vanilla beans and milk with a light honey undertone for a distinctly delicious fragrance; Cherry Cheesecake surrounds you with the sweet, lightly tart scent of the ripest red cherries, plus the twin comfort aromas of vanilla and honey.

The ZEN ZEST Sparkling Sugar collection is now available at all ZEN ZEST retail outlets at many major malls at 120 ml. and at PhP140 SRP.


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