Our Pet Askal: Winona

This is Winona, our pet askal given to us by a neighbor about a year ago. She has that sweet longing stare that really tells you how much she wants you to pet her, or touch her soft fur. And her fur is really soft for an askal. 😛

Although, she can be quite makulit. When she’s off her leash, she would run like crazy and would even chase her own tail. Such a funny girl!

We’ve had a number of pet askals before but so far, she’s the most loved by the family. Mom calls her “Inonay” while I call her “Nona”. She knows that we’re angry at her for being too makulit when we call her by her full name.

Care to share your pet stories with us?


2 thoughts on “Our Pet Askal: Winona

  1. I don’t have pets! I’m thinking of getting an aquarium soon though. We gave away our old one years back. There’s something peaceful about watching the fishes swim, swim, swim.

  2. I used to have Peachy, the smartest Japanese Peach in the world (she can unlock gates with her frigging tongue) and her son Buster, who is the dumbest dog in the world.

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