Back from the chaos

I’m tired and I’m sick. I’m back from the craziness called the Masskara festival.  Oh and I had to work just so I’d get a “free” ticket to the City of Smiles. Pretending to know what the ppt slide tells your audience is hard work.

Our last day was my last ditch effort to get decent pictures. Thank god for the miracle that is the digital camera. I would have wasted gazillion rolls and still I won’t come up with decent photos. Hopefully Bridget’s DSLR won’t get corroded with all the sweat gushing out of my body. The heat was terrible. And there are people everywhere. No wonder I have a cold now.

The flight back was hellish, because I had no idea what was going on inside my ears. They were ready to pop, I was in pain and I didn’t know what to do. The early onset of the cold must’ve messed mu ears. But the last minute I managed to balance the pressure inside my ears. A minute more and I would have been deaf.

Lousy photos to follow. I’m still contemplating if I’d go to work tomorrow. I still feel like I’ve been beaten up.

Oh, the darn pretty Masskaras are expensive! I had to settle for the cheap paper mache version.


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