Wake up with SIGLA and Sleep tight with HULAY

siglaMike Turvill of Amu’in Wellness defines “aromatherapy” as “the
systematic use of essential oils in holistic treatments to improve
physical and emotional wellbeing.” He says that essential oils
extracted from plants have therapeutic effects which can be used to
improve health and prevent disease. These essential oils are readily
absorbed through the skin during massage; through the lungs when
inhaled after evaporation in an oil burner; and then affect our body
chemistry through gentle physiological effects.

So how could one perk up and face the day happier and “tingling all
over”? AMU’IN Wellness recently launched its products and one of the
product ranges it launched was SIGLA, which literally means “energy.”
SIGLA has energy-boosting ingredients such as Peppermint, Lemon and
Lemongrass. Apart from brightening one’s day, it also allows one to
focus on tasks ahead.

SIGLA is available in essential oil blend, all-natural room spray,
shower gel with Lemongrass and Mango extract, dry body oil, body mist
and body lotion.
So, as soon as one wakes up, he could either spray the room all over
with SIGLA or light a candle to burn the essential oil blend.
Meantime, she can bathe with the shower gel and opt to use dry body
oil, body mist or body lotion on her skin.

And after a stressful day, one can also go home with the assurance
that he can create the atmosphere for relaxation. One could start with
an essential oil blend or experience a fragrant garden with an
all-natural spray, bathe with a deeply moisturizing and cleansing body
wash with a HULAY shower gel. Perhaps nothing beats melting stress
away and relaxing tired muscles than with a richly-moisturizing
all-natural massage oil with Vitamin E. All these Amu’in products have
Lavender and Ylangylang.

Apart from these two ingredients though, HULAY also has anti-ageing
mangosteen extract in its moisturizing body lotion and hand lotion.

One could also opt to banish stress with the fragrant and relaxing
body mist of Lavender floral water and essential oils that are
wonderful for the skin.

To complete the range, and for deep, restful sleep, one could spritz
linen spray of relaxing Lavender and Ylangylang to his pillows,
blankets, bed covers – even curtains and carpets!

hulayAMU’IN is produced by the same group behind Spa Essentials products
(which are retailed at Watson’s), the successful Nurture Spa Village
in Tagaytay and Abe’s Farm Pampanga, and Spa Professionals, the only
professional spa school in the Philippines that is UK-accredited.

Amui’n is available at Echo Store in Serendra, Urban Spa at Shangri-La
Mall, Matus Boutique 5/F Megamall Atrium, Sanctuario Spa at Malate,
World of Wellness at 2/F Virra Mall Greenhills and soon at Landmark
For inquiries and orders, contact 0918-8888SPA, (632)838-0073 or (632)
838-1930 or log on to Amu’in’s website at http://www.amuinwellness.com.


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