Naiwan ng Sundo

Want to waste your hard-earned money? Watch Robin Padilla’s movie “Sundo”, directed by a certain Topel Lee.  But if you care for your friends and family, keep them away from this crap.

When we watched this movie last night, we were still hopeful.  But all hope got lost once the movie started.  And then, agony.

So what do I think of Sundo:

  • It’s a complete waste of time and money. I just said that earlier right?
  • Final Destination anyone?
  • Topel Lee probably has padrinos somewhere to still get projects after his other “scary” work “Pamahiin”.  And we thought that movie was bad.
  • The trailer was even scarier than the film. But I guess that’s what happens when you tell everything in the trailer.
  • What happened to Robin Padilla? The only time he was acting naturally was when he was holding a gun. A gun?  To shoot down ghosts? And what’s with the stance?
  • The entire movie felt incomplete, unpolished and haphazardly edited. The plot was too obvious.  Just watch the trailer.
  • Yes Rhian, we know your character is blind, now if you can only realize that Filipinos are not 7 feet tall.  You do not need to constantly look up above people’s heads to convince us that you do not see anything.  The white contacts are distracting. Although, you looked like a European model, and you are beautiful. But acting blind is not your strength. Or acting in general.
  • We thought, after so many scary movies that did the same thing, they would already know how to execute the “Man being run over by a speeding vehicle” sequence. Apparently not.  Catsup being spewed out of its plastic bottle anyone?
  • The movie had this desaturated, photoshopped feel. Videoshopped?
  • Did I say that this movie is a waste of time and money?
  • Topel should go back to what he’s been doing before making scary films and stay there.
  • Again, a complete waste of time and money.

3 thoughts on “Naiwan ng Sundo

  1. my first time to really see a tagalog movie in theater yesterday. coz i already know what filipino movies are worth. but this one seems to appear so scary and different on trailer.akala ko nag improve n tayo. ganon pa rin pla. i wasnt scared at all. mababaw ang panakot. wlang sinabi s movie ng mga koreans ba un o intsik n tlgang matatakot k pg multo ang plot.
    sana knowing n lng pinanood ko. sayang pera.

  2. nakakatakot b tlg yung sukob? kc s tv ko lng pinanood ky di ako ntakot. akala ko super matatakot ako s sundo di pla. s trailer maganda. s mismong sine na wla n. parang pinakita lhat s trailer ang impt scenes kya naengganyo kang manood.

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