Problogging? Boo.

I  have always hoped I would earn something out of this blog, but since I transferred to wordpress, that opportunity was no longer applicable since this free service does not allow textlink ads or google ads unlike But anyway I figured I did not churn out sensible entries to attract advertisers so I ditched the idea.

I usually would get invitations from some people asking me to write about a product or service but they probably figured by now I’m not helping their product grow. Unless they’d google for their product name, they would probably get something. But getting clients from my endorsement? I doubt it.

I am a regular reader of this problogger’s “tech” blog and the more I read his entries, the more I felt that the entries were insubstantial, even the reviews felt watered down, and most of them were written to just please his client. I’ve been an avid reader of gizmodo and engadget and I can clearly see the difference. This problogger is no longer churning out balanced opinions about a product and is just pleasing his advertisers to keep getting his free gadgets.

This has been a discussion sometime in the past in the other blogs I read, that some bloggers are losing their creative hand because they felt they need to please the people giving them freebies or stuff to blog about. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, some may say. The essence of blogging is all but lost and it has become just a source of income for some.

I realized, even the bloggers who moved to mainstream media (print or something else) lost their blogger’s touch when they moved there.  Well, they do have their editors to rein them in, or else the paycheck will be cancelled.

So… boo to them.

Well, who would risk losing his main source of income anyway?


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