Swine Flu… should we panic?

The answer is, of course not.

To date, we have 46 cases.  Wow. That’s… big. And we’re like, how many?

91.1 friggin’ million.  So how big is the percentage of H1N1 cases relative to the population? I’m no statistics expert but that’s way below zero point something something percent (how terribly inaccurate but you get the drift).

So why are people panicking and succumbing to fear from something that is easily preventable?

Ignorance and stupidity.  When the DOH reported an increase in the cases from zero to the 46 we have now, we immediately associate every case as that person being sick, and probably dying.  But we forget that about 80 to 90% of these patients have already recovered, sometimes even without the need for medicines.

Okay, that is not to say that H1N1 is not dangerous. Yes it is infectious, and yes we need to take care of ourselves. But panicking does not help. Nor false text messages, nor over-reacting.

Again, the symptoms of H1N1 is similar to the regular flu, but if you get the symptoms and start thinking if you got the dreaded disease, use your brain first.  Trace back, and ask yourself: Did you even go to areas or countries affected by the disease? Did you know of anyone with the disease? Did you even remember washing your hands or did you cover your nose and mouth when you or someone else sneezed? If the answer to any of that is no, then you should die not because of H1N1, but because you are an ignorant moron and you opted to panic rather than think rationally.

There is a bigger, and constant danger of Dengue, where the culprit does not care if you washed your hands, or covered your mouth, or if you traveled to the states.  But just the same if you followed certain precautions, you’re safe.

So use your head people.  You will save more lives that way.


3 thoughts on “Swine Flu… should we panic?

  1. That’s true! People are unreasonably panicking about this H1N1 issue. I have been in the US two weeks ago, this swine flu wasn’t really a big deal there… because people knew that it is curable & preventive. I think the media exaggerated this illness too…

  2. Hay naku, I hate all the hype. Yun headline pa sa dyaryo today “Pinay with swine flu dies.” The fine print reveals she had other complications, and had symptoms of swine flu. If you’re uneducated or just plain panicky you’d think swine flu caused the death. Hayyyy.

  3. As for me, I’m not afraid of it. A flu has no cure since it’s viral. Whether it’s swine or seasonal flu, as long as you have a strong immune system then you’re likely going to get well after a while. The only problem with swine flu is that there’s no vaccine for it yet.

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