Hello my blog, I missed you.

I miss you

Did you miss me blog? I know, I haven’t been good to you.  I haven’t been updating, and if I did, I would just put senseless stuff.  It’s like you are an unwanted pregnancy. I only enjoyed the sex but I was a lousy mother. Forgive me blog.

The thing is, I don’t know what to do with you. I used to think I could categorize entries according to my interests.  It turns out my interests are very few, and I don’t know where to start. It’s like I’m feeding my newborn baby junk food.

Facebook is also slowly killing you, my blog.  Status messages are short and quick.  And sometimes I like it quick, but not that short.  But when my facebook friends start to post short, quick, stupid and most of all, grammatically tortured status messages, I could only only wring my arm in frustration.  Oh well, there’s always the “hide” option.

I will start taking care of you again, blog. I just recently got fixed broadband connection so I will not have to worry about time running out before I could think of a decent post.  I think that’s also one of my problem.  I was mesmerized into getting prepaid internet.  I was always rushing to finish my browsing/internet stuff within an hour because 20 pesos is too expensive for an hour. Your parent is such a cheapskate.  But I’ve changed. Hopefully.

So my blog, I will visit you again and feed you stuff, but forgive me if I can’t give you gourmet dishes yet. But I will do my best to give you better nutrition, dress you up, and give you a better education.  Wait, you don’t need education, ‘coz I’m smart already. Hah!

Oh okay enough of this.

Now where do I press the button to post this… oh here it is.


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