Smartbro Prepaid vs. Smartbro Fixed Broadband

slow internet

I’m not quite satisfied with my new smartbro fixed broadband connection. I feel that it’s slower than my previous smartbro prepaid connection. Aren’t they using the same technology? What gives?

If not for the unlimited thingie, I would not even bother getting the services of Smartbro. PLDT Plan 990 (landline + dsl) seemed to be a good bargain, but the advertised 356kbps speed turned me off because I think that’s too slow for a dsl connection. Now, I don’t know if I made the right decision.

Will monitor the speed for a week and if this does not improve, customer service should be prepared for a lotta ranting.


3 thoughts on “Smartbro Prepaid vs. Smartbro Fixed Broadband

  1. smartbro fixed is 384kbps compared to smartbro plug-it prepaid which is up to 2mbps… anyway they’re offering unlimited smartbro plug-it connection for 999

  2. Wow, thanks Julius, after 2 years of Reserch and “Tiagga” Im deciding to just get a solid line installed,.. like Cable DSL, anyways. the wireless connections at my location area is not good, not solid, i get timeouts all the time… I logged many complaints with Globe and with Smart… Wireless is just not good for the price I paid/paying… they tried to fix but its just not stable enough… my main purpose for an internet connection is for Work at Home.thanks again.. CEDs

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