A Missent SMS that Confirmed It All

surprise!This post was inspired by Addie’s post on how he’s finally out to his brother, I’d just like to share a funny/stupid event that happened to me over the weekend.

My partner, the other Jerome  is currently in Surigao del Sur, facilitating a training program for one of our projects. Naturally, my major means of communication with him was through text. I’d regularly send him messages, you know, the usual cheesy stuff such as what I sent:

Me : Hi Husband! Enjoy your day in Barobo, maulan daw, ingat! Mwah mwah! (ugh, I know, cheesy)

Click on contacts, sending… sent. Done!

Then I went on with my usual stuff, and I was actually distracted by the darn Cafe World. So while staring at my cafe my celphone’s sms alert sounded off.  It was my mom.

Mom: Anak, sa iba yata yung pinadala mo.

OMG! I sent my cheezy message to my mother! What to do? What to do? Well, I’m already out to her, and she knows Jerome for almost as long we’ve been together. Is this the moment I’ve been waiting for? Should I “confeerm” my relationship to her?

And so with a deep breath, I sent this message:

“Ah iyon po ba? Para kay Jay (his other nickname) po iyon”.

Nuninuninuninu. Deadma ang mother.

Hinimatay kaya? Is she in shock not only because she has finally confirmed that his panganay has a jowa, or because he calls his jowa, “husband”?

I remained calm and sent a message after an hour if she’s already going home (she was in our old house in Tondo). And she said yes. No mention of my missent message. And we never talked about it up to this day. Maybe we’ll be able to talk about it sometime in the future, but I guess it’ll be pushing too far to talk about it now.

So, with a text message, my transformation is complete. LOL.


2 thoughts on “A Missent SMS that Confirmed It All

  1. in a way, baka naman tinalaga na ni batman na ma-mis-send ang text mo. para nga may peace of mind ka na. if you think about it, may edad ka na at nasa estado ka na to choose your lifestyle, your partner, without any qualms. when i say nasa estado, at least, nakapagtapos ka na, nag-tatrabaho ka na, nakakatulong ka na sa magulang mo. you’ve done your obligations to them first and you’ve shown them that you’re a good son. (Despite the fact na hindi mo sila mabibigyan ng manugang na bilat. hehehehehe)

    kaya kung ako siguro ang mom mo, oo na… papayag na ako. konting “shocking asia” effect lang yung revelation na yun dahil mabait ka namang dyunakis 🙂

  2. Hi Ate Sienna, hindi naman ako worried actually, malawak ang pang-unawa ng aking ina. Out na naman ako sa kanya dati pa, ang hindi ko lang name mention na ako ay may asawa na at hindi pa kami kasal. hahahahahah

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