Happy New Year Y’all

I woke up today barely remembering what happened last night. I was pissed drunk with a tequila that costs less than a prepaid load card. I thought I did not greet H, but it turns out I was drunk dialing his number at least ten times. I could not remember the taste of the baked ziti I cooked. I barely remember hugging and kissing my family. But I don’t care.

I ended 2009 with a bang.

2009 may have been terrible for most Filipinos, but it gave me more than I ever wanted. Sure I was not richer, I’m near the bottom (well not that near) of the pecking order at work, and I have bills piling up, but 2009 gave me happiness and contentment, this despite losing my job by the end of 2008.

My relationship with my partner is stronger than ever, capped by our 5th year anniversary trip to Bacolod. We are looking forward to  more of these travels this year and for years to come.  Our prospects for a better life together surely is promising.

2010 is the year of the tiger, and we’re both tigers. That’s a good thing if you ask me. Two tigers roaring their way into the new year.

Have a great year ahead everyone!


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