What's there to do?

It’s weird. I’ve always anticipated this weekend because I finally have two full days of just lazing around. But these could be the longest two days of my life, so far.

I am terribly bored.

There’s the occasional PSP which is starting to frustrate me because I’ve yet to beat a damn boss in the game im playing, then there’s Facebook and Twitter, which is also starting to irritate me because all I see are cut-and-pasted quotes, grammatically incorrect musings and pictures of people I don’t care to see.  I’ve exhausted the bloglines list for updated blogs and I don’t know what else to do.  Madonna and Regine blaring at the background doesn’t seem to help.

I am so not doing my work this weekend if you’d suggest that.

In a way I find it weird being at home during the weekends.  My weekends are usually spent at H’s house. I’ve established a pattern when I’m with him. I’m more relaxed, and I actually enjoyed doing some household chores for him and my “mother-in-law”, particularly washing the dishes and being his sous chef.

It’s weird because in my own home, I don’t usually do these stuff, and I don’t intend to. Don’t tell my mother okay? 🙂

H is away and I terribly miss him, I guess, that’s why I’m this way.


2 thoughts on “B-O-R-E-D

  1. Dont worry i’m not going to tell your mom, LOL. Almost everyone I know is bored too, I miss the school days when there was no school hahaha. Especially this time of the year in the Philippines.

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