Congrats P-Noy. Now start working.

So we have a new President. And he emerged from the chaos and the turmoil we called the automated elections – unscathed, shining, shimmering – the hero that would save us all.

Wake up kids.

He will not solve all of our problems.  And while he is trying to solve them, new ones will come in. It will be a never-ending, vicious cycle.

After the dust have settled, people will start to fidget, asking for results, for the prosecution of the formerly unprosecutable and for the miracles to come true.

Then people will realize that what we have is not a hero, but a butt-ugly president, and nothing more.

Why all the negativity you say? Because it is always easier to doubt. I prefer scratching my skin till it hurts, than tolerate the little itches. I squeeze out the pain out of my aching muscles rather than soothe it with a warm compress.

I’d rather set my self up for disappointment now, than feel its full impact later.  Pessimism is my middle name you know.

But, who knows? PNoy may prove me wrong.  But for that to happen, he must work, and work now.

Enough of the concerts, enough of the singing, and enough of the smoking.

Start working PNoy, you have a tough job ahead of you.


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