As in dead tired.  I have been traveling to and from Pangasinan for about 2 weeks now and it’s not about to end soon.

Of course I’m always thankful that I have my work to get busy with. But the land trip is just torture. I travel a total of 18 hours to conduct an activity that lasts 3 hours. Three friggin’ hours. Then when I go home I get to rest at most two days only to back on the road and do it all over again.

So. Much. Fun. (insert sarcasm here)

If only all this traveling would make me thinner, but heck no. We end up eating more because we compensate for the fatigue.  I feel like I’m gaining an inch for every day that I travel.  And I have traveled A LOT.

Funny thing is I would be eager to go out of the house only after 2 days of staying home.

Given the choice (and the much-needed resources) I would still prefer going out to get that vacation.

I seriously need rest.


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