No pain no gain, my foot!

I just want to kill the person who coined that phrase. For real.

As the new year started I really wanted to push forth with my plans of reducing my weight. I believe that by December I have already been 10 lbs over weight.  I have been generally sedentary the past 6 months save for the 1 or two visits to the gym, which have been generally lousy since I was cheating on myself.

So at the 4th day of the month I decided, I will jog again.  I really felt good after to be honest.

That’s until I woke up this morning.

I was in pain, I walk as if I’ve just given birth, and I feel a slight elevation in my temperature. But I proceeded to go to work since I thought I will be just fine. I was wrong.

By noon I was having a fever and the pain in my legs and thighs seemed to have radiated towards my back and arms. Days before my mom and brother have been having fevers themselves, which they got from a visiting aunt.  So, I am pretty sure that I got the fever/colds from them, and the jogging has aggravated the situation.

Now obviously I won’t be able to jog again tomorrow, since I have to rest till this fever breaks and disappears. I still want to continue to jog and I want to do it again soon.

But for the meantime, ouch, ouch, ouch!


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