Storm Surge!

I am home. The storm has just finished pounding most of Luzon, including Metro Manila and Cavite. Luckily the power and internet did not conk out. I was able to monitor what’s been happening, and most of the news did not come out pretty.

I was able to finish much of my pending school work. At least something good came out of this storm. H is in KL right now, and while the weather there is not sunny, at least he did not experience the wrath of Pedring.

As expected, Manila took a beating from the storm, and even the US Embassy was not spared. I guess the US will start deploying their troops here to declare war against our antiquated drainages and that old seawall.

Even Hotel Sofitel (Formely Westin Philippine Plaza) was not spared and guests were forced to evacuate. So much for 5-star accommodations.

While Pedring did not have the epic water spewing proportions of Ondoy, the damage in Luzon is pretty big.  Let’s see what happens in the next few days.


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