I miss blogging. Am I back?

There was a time when thoughts and words would just flow naturally (or unnaturally, depending on the mood).

Facebook and Twitter really ruined it for some bloggers. Some of the blogs I follow do not exist anymore. Heck my last post was in January!

But regardless of the content I should really start writing again. Work has not permitted me to write more often as I should, and I most of the writing I do lately are regular, boring business correspondence.

I’d probably revive my blog regardless if my content will be sensible or not. I need to have a space of my own to just write and pour out my thoughts without the usual “likes”. And if I don’t like the comments, I can just moderate and ignore them to the dark abyss of my admin panel.

Probably the next exciting post of mine would be our Puerto Princesa tour that’s gonna happen in August. Until then, most of my posts would be like this, just random thoughts, but not randomly typed (they would not make sense anyway, kinda like what I’m doing now).

See you again blog, hopefully tomorrow.

Do you like the new look of the blog? I’ve been using the old template for 3 years! Ugh.


2 thoughts on “I miss blogging. Am I back?

  1. YESSSS!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!!! So happy to see you writing again. I missed your rants and raves here — and I miss the other Jerome, too, but I’ll take one instead of none…. (Doing the dance of joy!!!)

  2. Hi dinna! Glad you’re still around. I really really hope I can do this regularly. I need the space to rant and FB is not cutting it for me. Lol.

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