investingIt must be the age. Lately I have been thinking so much about saving for my future. I am not getting any younger, and quite frankly I don’t see myself becoming a millionaire anytime soon, especially with my measly salary.

But nonetheless, the desire to save up for my retirement fund is growing everyday. So I started to research on easy-to-do-and-understand investment/financing stuff so that once I have the money to do the initial investment, I can easily decide. Informed choice if you will.

And so after so many days googling on the stock market, mutual funds, VUFs and the like, I finally took the plunge and got for myself a UITF, or a Unit Investment Trust Fund.

I have yet to claim my first certificate of participation through BDO, my UITF provider, since my initial investment is already eligible. For the next few months and years I will have to invest more on this fund so that hopefully, by retirement age, I will be financially comfortable.

There are many resources around the interwebs where you can research on the benefits of investing for the future, and what channels are best for your needs. One thing is for sure, the best time to invest is NOW.

Speaking of investing, I really should invest on regularly updating this blog! Hopefully the high I’m getting from this initial investment will roll over to my blogging. Fingers crossed. 😛


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