Back to my sanctuary (I Hope)

Okay so I posted earlier this morning that I will have a rebirth of this blog. Soon.

So the soon thing is kinda now. I think.

I realized that Facebook has almost killed blogging for some (if not most) of my blog friends. And now that Facebook is slowly killing us with the toxicity it now brings, it is probably time for me to return to blogging. This has been (or will always be) the sanctuary of my thoughts (and rants) and while FB offers the network that my current blog never had, I actually like the “distance” that it has now. I doubt it if people will be reading about this post anytime soon, but I don’t care anymore.

Also, I can moderate posts here, so there’s that freedom. 😛

I remember in the earlier days of this blog I declared Tuesdays as Tech Tuesdays, I hope I’d be able to go through with that. I have seen some wannabe tech blogs and if they can get away with their blogs with their kind of writing (hah!) I most certainly can have a tech blog, even if it’s only on a Tuesday

Please blogging gods let me update this blog as often as I can.


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